Transparency and Accountability: GP Nigro, GST Sellers, GEC Re-Elected

August 14, 2014

nigrosellersDelegates to the First SMART Convention at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas have returned General President Joseph J. Nigro and General Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Sellers, Jr. to five-year terms in office by acclamation. Sheet Metal delegates also returned by acclamation all 11 current General Vice Presidents to the General Executive Council. In keeping with provisions of the SMART Constitution, each officer was nominated and seconded, and voting delegates were given the opportunity to propose other candidates. All 1,007 certified voting delegates, representing a variety of crafts from SMART’s new, diverse membership, were eligible to vote for the offices of General President and General Secretary-Treasurer. Only Sheet Metal delegates were eligible to participate in yesterday’s elections for the Sheet Metal General Vice Presidents. First General Vice President Bruce Word took over the convention chair to conduct the electoral process, beginning with the nominations to elect Nigro and Sellers and followed by the nominations and elections of the 11 General Vice Presidents. After the voting was concluded, the oath of office was administered to all 20 international officers, including the Transportation General Vice Presidents, who were elected at the Transportation Division Convention earlier this summer.