FRA NPRM: The truth behind the need for two-person crews

Op-ed by SMART TD President Ferguson refutes false assertions by rail carriers

SMART launches new organizing site to strengthen our union

SMARTCareers.org will help bring new workers into the unionized trades, recruit new signatory contractors and provide accurate information on how to join or form a union.

PEB announced; labor stands strong:

As Railway Labor Act process moves closer to its conclusion, SMART and others prepare to state their case.

Tell Congress: Listen to Rail Workers

They Are the Backbone of the U.S. Supply Chain
Join us in telling members of Congress they should back the people who do the work, rather than the rail industry’s financial overlords, who have recently implemented draconian new attendance policies.

  • We Look Out For Each Other

    SMART members have each others backs. The SMART “I Got Your Back” Campaign is designed to reinforce our solidarity and let union brothers and sisters know that as union members, we have each other’s backs. This union is built on the foundation of mentorship, and we support each other in the face of adversity – which may include the ongoing pandemic, difficult life events or hardships on the job, such as hazing, bullying and harassment.  


    got your back
  • Download the SMART Union App

    Always stay connected with your union. Keep in touch with union news and benefit information, scan labels, and contact your local when you need representation – all with a simple touch of your smart phone. Text the word APP to 67336 to download the SMART Union app.*

    *Message and data rates may apply

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  • SMART-SMACNA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

    In recognition that working together on diversity, equity and inclusion within our industry would be the most effective way to effect real and lasting change, SMART and SMACNA have partnered to recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce with the skills to meet the sheet metal industry’s needs now and in the future.

  • A Rewarding Career

    Through our wide-ranging network of 148 sheet metal industry training centers, you can get the high-quality education and training designed to give you a rewarding lifelong career in one of the fastest growing industries in North America. Start your journey today.


Become a SMART Member

Take the next step on your journey towards a rewarding career. Learn how you can become a SMART member.

Member Voices

Hear about the union directly from SMART members themselves.

Meet Danielle Wilson, An Illinois Sheet Metal Worker

SMART Sheet Metal Local 265 broke ground with maternity leave for members included within its benefits package. Danielle Wilson, a four year member of SMART, was one of the first to benefit from this new package.


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