Tell Planet Fitness to Respect Local Communities

September 17, 2013

rufoThe gym known as Planet Fitness is well noted for its’ inexpensive membership fees. But why are they so cheap and who is paying the real price?
Planet Fitness hires building contractors that are from outside the area who do not contribute to the community and bring in less skilled, unsafe workers.  Also these contractors generally pay their employees far less than the community wage and benefit standards, which undercuts qualified hard working people within these neighborhoods.
Planet Fitness wants your business, even though they are taking part in a “race to the bottom” business model that hurts your community, your friends and neighbors. This company helps to further erode the middle class and our working standards just so they can sell you a cheap gym membership.
There have been quite a few Planet Fitness locations built in the Philadelphia region that are being constructed in this manner.
There’s a way you can do something about this.
If you are a member of one of their gyms, please contact them via email or phone (603-750-0001) and tell them that you will be ending your membership until they change their unfair building practices. If you aren’t a member of one of their gyms you can still contact Planet Fitness and tell them that you will never purchase a membership as long as they continue to harm working families and our communities.