Canadian Pacific’s acquisition of the Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CM&Q) was approved by the federal Surface Transportation Board (STB) on May 1, and will take effect June 18, 2020.
The purchase from Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, officially by the wholly owned Soo Line subsidiary of CP, was originally announced Nov. 20, 2019, and with approval now gives the Class I carrier trackage and facilities running from St. Jean, Quebec, Canada, to Searsport, Maine.
In a filing with the STB, CP said it plans to upgrade CM&Q’s system to Class III standards with an investment of up to $75 million. STB members had no objections to the acquisition and dismissed comments and conditional requests by Springfield Terminal Railway Company, among others.
CM&Q owns approximately 244 miles of rail lines in Vermont and Maine and has operating rights across another 57 miles, according to the STB. The Canadian portion of CM&Q has about 237 miles of track which also will be transferred in the sale.
SMART Transportation Division represents 52 members on the CM&Q in the Transportation, Mechanical and Engineering Departments who belong to GO-049, which is represented by General Chairman Rick Lee.
Read the STB’s decision.

The SMART Transportation Division’s CSX B&O General Committee (GO 049) has reached agreement with Bombardier Transit Services on a new contract for employees who will operate the Maryland to Washington commuter service known as MARC.

A new agreement is required due to the selection of Bombardier to operate the service after CSX announced it would not renew its current contract with the agency. 

The new agreement will provide wages and working conditions very similar to those enjoyed by our members who currently operate the service under the CSX collective bargaining agreement. Bombardier will accept applications for employment from CSX employees, with first priority given to those who are currently operating the service, followed by those who are qualified but not currently assigned to the service, and finally to all CSX employees on the Northern Mid Atlantic seniority roster.

Bombardier will send invitation letters to the employees who are currently assigned or qualified to operate the service. All others who are interested in applying for employment should contact Bombardier directly.

A hiring pool will be created in the event that applications exceed the number of positions available at startup. CSX employees who accept employment with Bombardier will be placed on the new seniority roster in the same relative order as on the CSX roster. The terms and conditions for a leave of absence from CSX are still being negotiated.

The negotiating team was led by General Chairperson Steve Mavity, with the assistance of Assistant President/GS&T John Previsich, and included Vice Chairpersons Jeremy Ferguson and Jamie Modesitt.

“The team did an excellent job of securing National Agreement wages and working conditions for employees of the new operator,” said Previsich, who added, “this will protect current employees who choose to work for the new operator and, in addition, provide industry-standard wages and benefits for all future employees of the service.”