Stop the Senate From Granting Fast Track Authority For the Trans Pacific Partnership

January 24, 2014

1017160_576499202443138_352390609_n Fast Track undermines the authority that we have entrusted to Congress to make sure that trade agreements with other nations are fair and in the best interests of working families – not corporations. If Fast Track is passed, job-killing trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that have been negotiated largely in secret could become law by a simple “yes” or “no” vote, without the possibility of any amendments. Congress will not be able to change a single word of the agreement, no matter how bad the provisions may be.
The U.S. Senate just introduced Fast Track legislation to ram through the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Read the text of TPA-2014 for yourself here.
Please help us tell Congress that Fast Track is the wrong track by contacting your Senators today!
You can get more information and updates on this dangerous legislation via the Coalition to Stop Fast Track.