Statement From GP Nigro On Tea Party Shutdown of U.S. Government

October 1, 2013

Official Formal Photo of J NigroGP92011It has become frustrating to see that the U.S. House of Representatives has become so dysfunctional that it can no longer do its job and pass legislation to fund basic programs and services that it has already authorized itself to do so.
This is why confidence In the U.S. House of Representatives has reached is lowest level in history.
Radical Tea Party Republicans are responsible for shutting down the people’s government. Their attempt at political gain puts the livelihood of many American workers and the recovery of our economy unnecessarily at risk.
SMART proudly represents 216,000 working people in the sheet metal, construction, manufacturing and transportation industries who will be affected by the government shutdown.  We appeal to the House leadership to put an end to this circus and pass the clean Continuing Resolution that has already passed the US Senate.