SLB calls Ohioans to action on two-person crew bill

October 23, 2015

two-person_crew SMART TD Ohio State Legislative Director Stu Gardner is calling members to action in response to the introduction of Senate Bill 229 (SB 229), the two-person crew bill introduced in the Ohio senate Oct. 14. The bill has been referred by the senate to the Public Utilities Committee.

“The call to action is this: I am requesting that every member in Ohio contact the Senators of the Public Utilities Committee and urge them to support SB 229,” Gardner said. “Email and call your state senator and tell them you want them to support SB 229 for the safety of our members and the general public that reside near the railroad tracks.

“Your message should be short and concise and to the point. We want them to understand that this is an important safety issue to you, your family and the public.

“I want you to understand that this is the first step. We want SB 229 to pass through this committee with a majority of votes. If SB 229 doesn’t get the majority of the votes in committee, it will die then and there.”

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Below are the members of the Public Utilities Committee and their contact information.

SenatorPhone #Email AddressAlt. Email Address

Cliff Hite
(R – Dist. 1)
Kevin Bacon
(R – Dist. 3)
Bill Seitz
(R – Dist. 8)
Joseph Uecker
(R – Dist. 14)
 Staff:Lindsay Riley
Bob Peterson
(R – Dist. 17)
John Eklund
(R – Dist. 18)
Troy Balderson
(R – Dist. 20)
Sandra Williams
(D – Dist. 21)
Tom Patton
(R – Dist. 24)
Tom Sawyer
(D – Dist. 28)
Lou Gentile
(D – Dist. 30)