President Clinton Touts Partnership That Creates Jobs With SMART Investment

June 26, 2015

Former President Clinton appearing on The Daily Show.

Former President Bill Clinton recently visited the Daily Show to about the Clinton Global Initiative, specifically noting the success of a joint program he used to partner with building trades unions such as SMART which invested in fund resources to create retrofitting jobs for union members.
In 2011, Clinton partnered with North America’s Building Trades Unions and the American Federation of Teachers, who collectively made a $10 billion pledge for just three years of work.
On The Daily Show, Clinton promoted the program as an example of “one that worked” for American workers. Here is video of the second part of Bill Clinton’s visit to the Daily Show, including his story about the Building Trades:
Clinton: They made a commitment that they would organize $10 billion in investments in building retrofits.  Now, I was on President Obama’s council with all of these big business people and that’s more than they spent all together.
Clinton: In the first 5.6 billion they created 50,000 jobs and trained 900,000 people across America how to do this type of work.
Stewart: And these are good trade jobs? These are middle class jobs.
Clinton: Yeah, great jobs, and you know you can’t ship these jobs overseas because the buildings are here.