SMART Local 104 Empowers Sacramento Communities

Published: April 9, 2018

(Reprinted from SMART Local 104 Magazine)

On Saturday, March 3rd, SMART Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 104 members in Sacramento came out to support “the largest tax canvas in the history of the canvassing program.”

So what exactly does that mean, exactly?

It means members walked door to door with other Union members to help pass out information to underserved communities on where they could receive free tax preparation services through the non-profit United Way.

In total SMART members visited over 6,500 homes, which clearly shows just how heavy an impact our Unions can have when we come together and help. As Sacramento Business Representative Randy Young puts it, “We had 28 Local 104 members come out on a Saturday to help with this Campaign for Jobs action. One of the coolest aspects of it was that we actually had more Journeypersons than Apprentices, which shows our Union membership cares about making sure we are giving back to the community.

As Young concluded, “empowering our communities through service is one of our strongest assets.”