FRA revises engineer certification rules

WASHINGTON — Revisions to locomotive certification rules (49 CFR Part 240), effective Feb. 22, 2010, were issued by the Federal Railroad Administration Dec. 23, 2009. Among the revisions: Prohibits the practice of re-classiyfing any type of engineer’s certificatio [...]

National rail contract negotiators named

The UTU national rail contract negotiating team has been named by UTU International President Mike Futhey, who will serve as the UTU’s chief negotiator. Other members of this bargaining round’s negotiating committee include Assistant President Arty Martin; Interna [...]

Rails withdraw staffing & consolidation proposal

A month after the UTU filed a lawsuit in federal court to block a railroad demand to bargain over “staffing and consolidation,” the carriers have withdrawn that demand from their Railway Labor Act Section 6 notices. In a letter to UTU International President Mike [...]

As we begin national rail negotiations …

By UTU International President Mike Futhey As we begin this new round of bargaining with the railroads to amend our national rail contract, I am optimistic we will reach an equitable outcome — an agreement that benefits both parties. The carriers and their contract empl [...]