Published: December 9, 2020

As we get into winter the cases of COVID-19 are continuing and even increasing. The SASMI Trustees see a need for reinstituting the COVID-19 Wage Replacement Temporary Benevolent Disaster Relief Benefit. However, more is known about the virus and testing has become more available so that it is possible to accurately identify positive cases. Accordingly, the Trustees have modified the Benefit to reflect the current situation.
This updated benefit is available for those who test positive for COVID themselves, or for a family member who resided with them that tests positive and have a need to quarantine. This benefit is only available if you were/are not being compensated for those day in quarantine by any Employer or Trust Fund under any Federal, State or Locality law (some due to expire prior to the end of the year) or special resolution.
Starting November 2020 and continuing until the Trustees modify or terminate the benefit, in each calendar month, a Participant is eligible for up to two (2) work weeks (10 work days) of wages at eight (8) times the Average Hourly Wage on which Contributions were remitted in the Employee’s Home Local for each day of quarantine.