Mr. President: Multiemployer Plans Work

Published: July 12, 2013

“If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan.”

President Obama spoke those words in the midst of the 2009 health care debate.

But more than 26 million Americans covered by multiemployer health plans are at risk of losing their benefits altogether thanks to loopholes in the Affordable Care Act.


For more than 65 years, multiemployer plans have provided affordable, quality coverage for American workers. Found in many industries, the plans allow small businesses to team up with other employers to pool risk and reduce costs in order to provide high-quality health care for workers.  Because it does not recognize the unique nature of  multiemployer plans, the Affordable Care Act contains provisions that could undermine them and reduce the number of working families covered while lowering the quality of their care.   Click here for more information