Majority of Congress Failed to Support Retirees In 2017

Published: May 17, 2018

The Alliance for Retired Americans recently released its 2017 voting record which scored every U.S. Representative and Senator on issues affecting current and future retirees.

The annual report examined 10 key Senate and House votes in 2017, highlighting issues concerning the health and well being of retirees. Specific votes affected Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; prescription drug re-importation from Canada; the Affordable Care Act; medical malpractice lawsuit caps; and tax cuts for wealthy Americans and corporations, combined with tax increases for lower-income and middle class families, that increase income inequality.


Thirty-four members of the U.S. Senate achieved perfect scores of 100 percent in 2017, while another 40 received zeroes. In the U.S. House of Representatives, 178 members received perfect scores of 100 percent in 2017 while 191 received scores of zero.

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