Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July!

Published: July 1, 2018

Last updated on July 4th, 2018

Let’s offer our Sisters, Brothers and Friends to the north a belated “Happy Canada Day” on Sunday, June first.

Before the rest of us begin to enjoy ourselves and spend time with our friends, family and loved ones on this Fourth of July, let’s pause to remember the liberties we have and what made them possible.

To preserve the freedoms we enjoy today—from fear, from want, and from tyranny and oppression of all kinds—each of us must take responsibility to stand and protect those blessings.

Freedom is not free. It was forged through the sacrifices of past generations of Americans and Canadians, many during times of war and conflict. Our forefathers—such as those who scaled the cliffs of Normandy to defeat a violent and unstable dictator who personified evil—offered their lives to protect our freedoms.

Those who came before us also defended our foundation of freedom when they marched, picketed, fought, and sometimes died in the streets to bring their children and grandchildren a better future.

Let’s remember their individual efforts and sacrifices. That responsibility is now on our shoulders, so let’s recommit to keeping our nations free from want and fear—and free from all who want only to enrich themselves by denying the hopes and dreams of the many generations of workers and families—including ours—who seek only to work hard and forge the dream of a good, safe, stable life.

Those many generations have been working to build a good life and to protect this democracy, since even before July 4, 1776. Let us show the same courage and character in defending those precious freedoms today.

Happy Fourth of July!

In Solidarity,

Joseph Sellers, Jr.

SMART General President