Sheet Metal Local 80 Opening Doors For Detroit Residents

January 18, 2018

 When the economy crashed, many Detroit residents had to search for any job that could pay the immediate bills instead of a promising career that could provide a future. Building trades unions and their affiliated contractor associations stepped up with the Access for All program ( to help individuals seeking a career in construction find a pathway to success. 
Access for All is a nine-week, 270-hour training program that prepares participants for successful entry into construction apprenticeships and employment in the skilled trades. It covers workplace essential skills, such as safety, financial coaching, mentoring and teamwork; teaches basic construction skills, such as how to read a tape measure and blueprints; and provides a refresher on math and algebra skills. Students also work on a simulated construction site. 
“Many Access for All participants come from poverty and several are homeless, so we have to start with the basics.” said Don O’Connell, administrator for Access for All. 
In the past four years, more than 100 individuals have enrolled and 80 percent have completed the program. Of those, 91 percent are employed, 81 percent have industry-related employment, and 67 percent entered into apprenticeships. 
SMART Local 80 has welcomed several Access for All graduates into the program. 
“These students are very energetic and optimistic,” said Sam Velez, a sheet metal journeyman and architectural instructor at the training center. “Their training allows them to be quickly placed with contractors.” 
Velez is enthusiastic about the program. 
“Access for All is giving opportunities to candidates who want to work hard,” he said, “and it gives us the opportunities to employ good workers.”