Local 399 SMART Army Builds Wheel Chair Ramp for Injured Member 

May 18, 2020

SMART Sheet Metal Local 399 members Nick McLester, Marcus Vickers, Chris Hall (Business Manager), Larry Stewart, and Chris Brainard took off a recent February weekend to build a wheel chair ramp for Lutron Weeks.  
Lutron Weeks is a member that suffered a horrible car wreck in Oct of 2019.  This was his first trip home since the wreck and his fellow sheet metal brothers made sure his return was made as comfortable as possible.  According to Local 399 Business Manager Chris Hall, “this is what being a union sheet metal worker is about.  We stand up for each other not only during the good times, but we are there for each other when things go bad.  This more than anything is what makes us stand out from the rest.”