Recruitment and Retention Council

The Council’s purpose is to help create an action plan for locals to recruit, retain, and include diverse groups in our organization; to ensure workplace equality within our industries; and to promote respect, inclusion, and safe, non-hostile work environments at all levels within SMART. 

This Council is an intermediate organization affiliated with the International Association. Council membership is open to all chartered SMART Local Unions and Regional Councils throughout Canada and the United States for both Sheet Metal and the Transportation Division. Affiliation fees are $35.00, and monthly dues are $35.00, payable quarterly in advance. Enclosed is the affiliation form. Please submit this form, along with the $35 affiliation fee and required monthly dues, to:

SMART Recruitment and Retention Council
c/o Mechelle McNew, Council Treasurer
P.O. Box 507 Ponca City, OK 74602

This is a critical moment in the movement for equality, equity, and justice in both of our countries, and SMART can lead the way. When we welcome and support members from communities that are currently underrepresented in our membership, our union only becomes stronger. The Council provides us with an opportunity to come together as one organization, have these necessary conversations, and collectively work on these important issues. We hope you will take this opportunity and be part of this moment. We look forward to working closely with the Council and its esteemed leadership to promote and advance SMART’s values of diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of SMART.