Conductor honored for saving man on tracks

October 3, 2013

Max Chabo
Max Chabo

OLYMPIA, Wash. – It’s every train conductor’s worst nightmare.
On a sunny morning in July last year, a Tacoma Rail train hauling 10 rail cars filled with cargo bound for the Mottman Industrial Park approached the tunnel in downtown Olympia at Cherry Street and Seventh Avenue.
As conductor Max Chabo entered the darkened 1000-foot long tunnel, at first he thought he saw debris on the tracks. But as he got closer, and the train’s headlight curved around the tunnel, Chabo saw that what looked like discarded blankets or trash was actually a man lying in the train’s path.
(Chabo is a member of Local 556 at Tacoma, Wash.)
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(Photo taken by Steve Bloom, AP staff photographer.)