Changes to Discipline/Income Protection Program

May 10, 2013

DIPP logo_150pxEffective April 2, 2013, item 12 has been added to the list of exclusions for which benefits under the Discipline/Income Protection Program will not be paid to a participant who is suspended or discharged from employment for disciplinary/decertification reason.

Item 12 has been added to the list as a result of action taken by SMART Transportation Division Board of Directors.

The complete list of exclusions is as follows:

1. Conduct endangering the life or livelihood of a fellow employee;

2. Unavailability for duty, sleeping on duty or missing calls;

3. Insubordination;

4. Misuse, theft or destruction of property of the participant’s employer;

5. Falsification of reports;

6. Failure to take or pass a required examination;

7. Failure to qualify for mandatory promotion;

8. Use, possession or evidence of intoxicants or illegal drugs while on duty or subject to duty;

9. Discipline due to criminal or civil action;

10. An act or acts, or failure to act, which constitutes a violation of public policy;

11. Involvement in altercations, verbal or physical; or

12. If decertified, the failure to exercise seniority to its fullest that does not require a change in residence.