Austin City Council Implements Minimum Wage Requirements On New Construction Projects

December 2, 2013

800px-AustinSkylineLouNeffPoint-2010-03-29-bIn Austin, Texas, the economy is booming.  Business Journal recently ranked the city’s economy 1st out of 102 major metropolitan areas with an estimated 100 people are moving to Austin each day.  Yet the boom has yet to reach the construction workers who working to help the city expand.  A move last week by the Austin City Council aims to right that wrong.
Following controversy surrounding the construction of a Marriot that did not pay prevailing wages, the council has voted 6-1 to require companies receiving economic development incentives from the city to pay construction workers a prevailing wage.  Austin is now the second largest city in Texas to have such a requirement.  The new proposal will set a minimum wage for construction workers on projects aided by tax incentives at $11 an hour.  It will also allow workers to qualify for prevailing wages on other projects.  Read more at We Party Patriots.