Anti-Worker Senators Push Attempt to Overturn New NLRB Rules

May 4, 2015

111th_US_Senate_class_photoThe U.S. Senate will vote on whether to override President Barack Obama’s March veto of a Congressional resolution blocking the NLRB’s new rule to speed up union elections. The resolution, expected to be voted on this afternoon on May 4, needs 67 votes to override.  This is highly unlikely, given that the original vote only garnered 53 votes. Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski joined Democrats in voting against the resolution while no Democrat voted for it.
Lawsuits filed by the Associated Builders and Contractors and other anti-worker groups have been filed in federal courtrooms in Texas and Washington, DC.  The Associated Builders and Contractors is a high profile anti-worker group that claims to represent construction employers though only a small percentage of its membership actually is based in the industry.