Important Information for Active and Retired Yardmasters

The Railroad Yardmasters of America (RYA), organized Dec. 2, 1918, in response to managerial abuses. The RYA voted in 1985 to affiliate with the UTU (now SMART Transportation Division). SMART TD-represented yardmasters today enjoy autonomy and craft preservation, as well as the protective advantages and strength associated with SMART TD membership.

Supplemental Sickness and Life Insurance Coverage Important Information for Active and Retired Yardmasters Yardmaster Agreements
Below are the Trustmark Disability Claim Form and the Trustmark Supplemental Sickness Benefit Plan for 2010.

Trustmark/Yardmasters Disability Claim Form

Supplemental Sickness Benefit Plan for 2010

UTU Yardmaster Supplemental Life Insurance Plan

Important insurance information for retiring yardmasters

Below is the Railroad Retirement Board Application for Sickness Benefits, as well as a link to the Railroad Retirement Board.

Railroad Retirement Board Application for Sickness Benefits

Railroad Retirement Board

Below is a list of yardmaster national agreements, local wage and rule agreements and local agreements between SMART TD and various railroads.



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