Yardmaster Award Topics

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A Absence due to illness or injury not voluntary absence (126)
Absenteeism (77)
Absenteeism – In Jail (77-A)
Adjustment Board does not have jurisdiction cases involving non agreement employees (45)
Adjustment Board has no jurisdiction disputes not growing out of grievances or interpretation of agreements (55)
Adjustment Board has right to assess penalty (130)
Admission of guilt overrides procedural errors (159)
Affirmative defense by carrier (176)
Agreement must be applied as written (10)
Agreement rules always before Board (131)
Altercation (dismissal set aside) (175)
Appointment (132)
Assertions vs. Facts (133)
Attend Carrier Classes – Paid Time and One-Half (64)
Attendance at carrier classes not considered work (107)
Attendance at carrier required hearing test not considered work (108)
Attend Investigation as Company Witness (203)
B  Bereavement leave claimed while on vacation – Denied (188)
Bereavement leave denied while on vacation (115)
Board cannot consider issues or arguments not handled on property (43)
Board cannot rule on what is equitable or fair – Board rules only on contract interpretation (135)
Board does not have authority to order reestablishment of jobs (140)
Board does not resolve issues of creditability (136)
Board has no authority to go beyond statement of claim (134)
Board of doctors (34)
Board must resolve procedural issues before it has the right to reach the merits (137)
Burden of Proof on Petitioner (138)