Wash. SLD Krohn eyes transportation bills

January 31, 2014

Herb Krohn

SMART Transportation Division Washington State Legislative Director Herb Krohn reports that a two-person rail crew bill has been introduced in both houses of the state legislature.

H.B. 2718, introduced in the House of Representatives, has 26 sponsors. The primary sponsor is Rep. Larry Haler (R), and the first co-sponsor is Rep. Brian Blake (D).

S.B. 6473, introduced in the Senate, has 16 sponsors. The primary sponsor is Sen. Jan Angel (R) and the first co-sponsor is Sen. Don Benton (R).

The bills can be read in their entirety at http://www.leg.wa.gov/pages/home.aspx by entering the bill numbers.

Krohn said the Washington State Legislative Board is also monitoring two other House bills that affect SMART TD members.

H.B. 1620, the Contract Crew Hauler Transport Safety Bill, passed out of the House Transportation Committee Jan. 30 by a vote of 30-0, with one member absent. “This is a stronger vote than last year. The bill now moves on to the House Rules Committee and, hopefully, onto the floor for a vote by the full house very soon,” Krohn said.

H.B. 1621, the Yardmaster Hours of Service Bill, is in the House Rules Committee. “We need to get this bill pulled by members of the Rules Committee to get it to the floor,” Krohn said.