Two-Person Crew Report

Thank you for your help.

This form is for SMART-TD railroad members to share their experiences on the job to make the public aware of why having two crew members -- a certified conductor and a certified engineer -- in the cab of a locomotive is a matter of public safety.

It is not common public knowledge that in accidents involving trains, a conductor is the first-responder. We want to change that. Whether it be a derailment, a crossing collision, or a hazmat release, the initial inspection, and often action, is performed by the conductor.

The experiences often are traumatic, both to the victim and to the SMART-TD member who must immediately deal with the incident, but on occasion, our actions result in the saving of lives, protection of public property, and/or prevention of derailments/incidents.

We understand that all people have different ways of coping with the effects of these situations and that reliving these instances may not be easy to do.

However, if you are willing to tell your stories about how having two on the crew mattered in keeping the public safe and are comfortable with sharing the details of these instances, we would like to hear from you.

Please fill out the form below with your contact information and share your story, which will be used inside the organization and potentially outside of SMART-TD to get others who may not know to realize the public safety role we fulfill on the United States railroads. (Your personal information will not be released.)

We know the truth… It’s time for us to tell it.