Tri-Rail Employees Vote Yes To SMART

March 19, 2015

On Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 9:45 p.m., the employees working for Bombardier (Tri Rail Facilities) in Miami and West Palm Beach, FL overwhelmingly had their voices heard with a 26-4 vote to accept union representation through a NLRB election. The organizations observer during the election process, Richard Arroyo, showed support for all of his co-workers and SMART by wearing his Union by Choice shirt for all to see as they walked in the voting room. His co-workers responded in solidarity with an outcome that gave pride to everyone that was involved in the campaign.
This campaign, headed up by General Chairman, Joe Fraley proves that working together, SMART will be successful, even in right to work (for less) states. Multiple departments within SMART provided assistance to the Railroad, Mechanical and Engineering Department during this fruitful campaign and deserve acknowledgement and recognition stated Joe Fraley:
Local Union 32: Ernesto Navarrete, Organizer and Danny Villarruel, Business Manager
SMART Transportation Division: Andres Trujillo, State Legislative Director (FL) and Andy D’Egidio, Local Chairman
IA staff: International Rep, Charlie Fraley and SMART Director of Organizing, James White
Others: Bargaining Committee member from Sun Rail (Orlando) Nelson Benitez and observers, Richard Arroyo and Jean Flambert.
“Seeing this campaign through from beginning to end, with so much positive support from the employees, members and departments, makes me proud to be part of SMART. Special thanks to LU-32 Organizer, Ernesto Navarrete, he was with us every time we hand billed, held informational meetings and performed house calls.”
The very next day, General Chairman, John McCloskey had another NLRB election where once again, SMART was victorious (25-4) on the River Line in New Jersey with employees that also work for Bombardier. This campaign was also assisted by Danny O’Connell, SMART Transportation Division State Legislative Director (NJ), proving once again that working together will yield success.
John McCloskey and Joe Fraley made a commitment to their members during the General Convention last August that they would focus on Organizing and growing the membership. Since that time, the department has added over 85 new members in Miami, Orlando, West Palm, FL, New Castle, DE and Camden, NJ as well as having several active campaigns in progress.