Secretary & Treasurer Tools

The purpose of this page is to assist the SMART Transportation Division’s local Secretary & Treasurer with the duties of his or her office.

Below you will have access to the computerized bookkeeping program, Winstabs, forms that are frequently used by Local Treasurers and links to important and useful websites.

You can submit your questions via email regarding your duties as your local’s Secretary & Treasurer. Your questions will be submitted to the General Secretary & Treasurer, for prompt consideration. The SMART Transportation Division will also post your question, along with the reply, to assist other Local Secretary & Treasurers.

We hope you find these tools helpful in fulfilling your duties and welcome your comments on how the SMART Transportation Division can further assist you.

Also, note the Secretary & Treasurer checklist for filing various reports with the SMART Transportation Division can be found here.

Get Winstabs Questions and Answers Forms and Documents Important and Useful Links

Treasurers interested in using this software must contact,

(816) 347-8280 or (216) 228-9400 for access.

For an easy transition in closing out Winstabs for 2010 and beginning your bookkeeping with Winstabs for 2011, it is recommended that treasurers read the document below.

Starting Winstabs for 2011

To download the instruction manual for Winstabs, click on the appropriate link below. (Download times may vary)

Winstabs Manual

Set up Access 2010 to work with Winstabs

Have questions about your job as a Secretary & Treasurer, the Winstabs software?

E-mail your question to the Transportation Division and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Submit Question

View Q&As

Winstabs FAQs Answered via Video

Below are important forms and documents that are necessary for the Secretary & Treasurer to do his or her job.

These are writable PDF files that can be filled-out on your computer, then printed.

2013 Tax Rates

UTU Membership Application

Application for Readmission

Authorization for Dues Deduction

Transportation Division’s Supply Department Order Form

Transportation Division’s Treasurer’s Check List

Preparing to Submit Payroll Taxes Electronically in 2011

Form OE1A (2013)

Form OE1A (2011/2012)

More forms…

Below are useful links for our Secretary & Treasurers.

Secretary & Treasurer Check List

Secretary & Treasurer News


Railroad Retirement Board

U.S. Department of Labor – Employment Standards Administration