Summaries of Railroad Safety Laws

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Whenever you discover a safety violation which the carrier does not immediately correct, you should promptly contact the employee’s union representative, and/or the Federal Railroad Administration and, in as much detail as possible, set forth the facts.

If you have a legal question concerning the safety laws or regulations, you may contact the UTU’s general counsel.

The summaries of a few of the regulations are exactly as published in the Code of Federal Regulations. In other cases, portions of a summary prepared by the Federal Railroad Administration have been copied. The applicable statute and/or regulations are cited at the end of each subject that has been summarized.

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Accident Reports and Accident/Incident Reporting Regulations

Blue Flag

Blue Flag for Maintenance of Way

Blue Flag for Utility Workers

Bridge Safety Standards for Maintenance of Way Employees

Certification of Locomotive Engineer

Clean, Safe and Sanitary Camp Cars

Current Pending Rulemakings

Discrimination and Harassment

Disqualification of Employees

Event Recorder Regulations

Federal Claims Collection Act

Federal Employers Liability Act

Federal Railroad Safety Act of 1970

Flag Protections for Trains and Locomotives

FRA’s Policy on Jurisdiction over Light Rail Operations

Freight Car Safety Standards

Glazing Standards and Marking of Windows

Grade Crossing Signal System Safety Regulations

Hazardous Materials

Hours of Service (Operating Employees)

Hours of Service (Dispatcher)

Hours of Service (Signalmen)

Imminent Danger

Locomotive Safety Standards





National Transportation Safety Board

Noise Emission Standards

Northeast Corridor Railroads
— Requirements for
Automatic Train Control and
Advanced Civil Speed
Enforcement System

Occupational Safety and Health

Passenger Equipment Safety Standards

Passenger Train Emergency Preparedness

Penalties Against Individuals

Radio Communications

Rear End Marking Devices

Roadway Maintenance Machine Safety

Roadway Worker Protection

Safety Appliances

Signal Rules

Sleeping Quarters

Steam Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance Standards

Tampering With Safety Devices

Testing and Inspections of Power Brakes

Track Motor Cars

Track Standards

Two-Way End-of-Train Telemetry Devices

Use of Remote Control Locomotives