Why should the UTU be my union?

The United Transportation Union has a history of representing workers coming under the jurisdictions of the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and the National Labor Relations Act, the Federal laws covering rail and airline workers (RLA) and bus and transit industry employees (NLRA). Our staff of attorneys have many years of experience in working under the RLA and will be able to help your local successfully navigate its provisions.

How is the UTU organized?

The UTU has three levels of operation. The local level deals directly with claims and grievances for violation of the collective bargaining agreement. The intermediate level, which includes the general committee of adjustment (contracts and discipline) and the state legislative board (safety and legislation). And the International, which is the administrative level, responsible for execution of UTU policies and efficient operation of the union.

Does the UTU have political influence?

There are few organizations with more political clout than the UTU. One of the reasons for that is our commitment to first-hand activism. State and national decision makers know us because our officers meet them face-to-face as professionals who understand the political process. We back that up with voluntary, grassroots support through the UTU PAC fund. Their letters, phone calls, and emails tell legislators that the UTU is alive and well and voting for its interests. We ask those we support to do the same.

You also elect a local legislative representative for the local who handles political and safety concerns in conjunction with the state and national legislative directors.

How can I participate in the union?

Since members are the union in the workplace, you begin your participation through membership in the UTU. Attending local meetings, voting in all elections and backing up your local representatives are just a few of the simple ways you can help.

If you have a greater interest or are dissatisfied with your elected leaders, campaign for that job in the next election. The dates of these elections are found in the back of the union Constitution you receive upon joining.

The union on your property will only be as strong as the membership supporting its efforts. Remember, when one worker is injured, all are threatened. Proper enforcement of the collective bargaining agreement ensures that everyone is treated equally under its terms and conditions.