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A union is a group of workers who join together to achieve certain goals and objectives. They may want to improve wages, working conditions, and benefits. Workers also want a way to ensure fair treatment from employers in matters of job assignments, layoffs, promotions or other matters including protection from discrimination and favoritism.

Employers like to tell individual workers that they are already protected by employment law, but just try to pursue an unfair termination or bring a case before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on your own. It just doesn’t happen without help.

Belonging to a union provides you that extra protection that can only come from being covered by a collective bargaining agreement negotiated with the help of experienced labor negotiators.

Membership in the SMART Transportation Division gives you that added security and keeps the power where it belongs — with the members. Members elect officers to coordinate local affairs and delegates to act on their behalf in International elections and on changes to the International Constitution.

As a SMART Transportation Division member, you help establish union policy through elections and local voting on referendum and contractual issues. For more information about the SMART Transportation Division, review the links below.

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‘Organizing the Unorganized’

Training to become a union organizer.

AFL-CIO Organizing Institute

UC Berkeley Labor Center: Labor Education

The law protects your right to organize.

Your Union and the Law

Answers to Some Questions You May Have

Why You Should Join a Union (Bus/Transit)


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