August 2020: TD guidance on dues and E-49 status

August 6, 2020

All Local Treasurers, Local Presidents and Local Chairpersons,

The global pandemic we’re all faced with has imposed many challenges, including the furlough or re-assignment of many SMART Transportation Division members. As these members return to active duty, keep these important points in mind:

    • Pay close attention to work histories for all members for whom you have not received dues. It is possible that they have worked during a pay period that dues are not set up for or that the payroll deduction has been turned off for one reason or another.
      • Local Presidents, Local Chairpersons (and if necessary General Chairpersons) have a Constitutional obligation to assist the Local Treasurer in obtaining and reviewing all members’ work histories.
      • It is the member’s work history that determines whether the member qualifies for E-49/active status, NOT whether a payroll deduction for dues was received.
      • Any member that is assigned to a guaranteed or retention/AWTS board and is receiving compensation is still obligated to remit dues.
      • Routinely review any members on your roster that are listed in applicant status. Check work histories. If they’re marked up and have completed their probationary period, make sure the payroll deduction is set up and make any corrections to prior eBills so that their member record is accurate.
      • Routinely review any members on your roster that have been in E-49 status for three or more months. Are they back to work but the payroll deduction is turned off? Have they resigned or been permanently terminated and need to be flipped to Inactive status?
      • Make any necessary status changes as quickly as possible on your next open eBill on the Status Changes tab. (See eBill Status Changes PDF for more info)
    • Understanding the payroll schedule/calendar for all the carriers your Local members work for and how the pay periods are applied to eBills is essential to the maintenance of your member records and dues balances. (See Payroll Deductions PDF for more info)
    • It is in the best interest of the member and the Local that any variance/dues balance be handled as quickly as the payroll schedule allows. Work with the member to get them in balance. This Payroll Deduction Change Tracker might help you stay on top of the changes. (See Managing Member Variances PDF for more info)

    If you need assistance navigating any of these important points, your Membership Representative Team and the Field Support Help Desk are available to help. After-hours assistance can be provided if arranged in advance.

    SMART – Transportation Division