Preparing for retirement

What you need to know as you prepare to retire

Whether you are about to pull the pin or drop off your final passenger, here is a brief guide to assist you in applying for and transitioning into retirement.

Those nearing retirement age might also wish to review the articles below especially with regard to financial planning. Preparing for retirement can seem like a second full-time job.

For sure, gaining an understanding of and properly applying for Medicare, Railroad Retirement or Social Security is no minor task. Understanding your financial needs in retirement is also of crucial importance.

And staying in touch with your industry and former co-workers made possible by the SMART TD Alumni Association surely has mental health advantages. The articles below are merely guides.

Ultimately, each retiree is personally responsible for applying properly for retirement benefits and managing their post-retirement assets.

Contact information

Below are phone numbers and URLs for websites that can help you secure your plans for retirement.

SMART TD Headquarters
(216) 228-9400

UTU Insurance Association (UTUIA)
Toll free (800) 558-8842

UnitedHealthcare GA-23111 Plan F (Medicare supplement)
Toll free (800) 809-0453

UnitedHealthcare GA-46000/Plan E (Early Retirement Health Insurance)
Toll free (800) 842-5252

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board
Toll free (877) 772-5772

Social Security Administration
Toll free (800) 772-1213

Toll free (800) 633-4227

Toll free (888) 225-7377

Department of Veterans Affairs
Toll free (800) 827-1000