Brent Leonard

Transportation Division Alternate Vice President

Alternate Vice President Brent Leonard was born in 1973. After attending college he started railroading in 1997 on Union Pacific as a conductor/switchman. He was promoted to engineer in 1997.

A member of Local 202 in Denver, Leonard was elected local chairperson in 2001. He was elected vice general chairperson of his general committee, GO 953, in 2003; senior vice general chairperson in  2007 and general chairperson in 2011. The committee represents about 4,000 members.

Leonard also is chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Union Pacific Railroad Hospital Association.

He also serves his union as vice chairperson of the District 1 General Chairpersons’ Association, and as secretary/treasurer of the Union Pacific General Chairpersons’ Association. Leonard was elected to the position of Alternate Vice President by delegates in 2014.

Leonard and his wife live in Topeka, Kan., and have two daughters.