2019 National Rail Contract

CBC negotiations update Jan. 22, 2021:

The Rail Unions comprising the Coordinated Bargaining Coalition (CBC), negotiating together in the current round of National Negotiations, have issued the following statement:

The CBC and the nation’s Rail Carriers first met concerning the November 1, 2019, Section 6 Notices in January 2020.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made meetings for groups of this size challenging, the parties continued to meet virtually to make presentations concerning their proposals throughout 2020.  Additional meetings have now been scheduled for early 2021.

While CBC and the Rail Carriers continue to share and discuss all aspects of what would be necessary to reach a voluntary agreement, the Rail Carriers have not made any proposals worthy of consideration by the membership of the CBC Unions.  The parties will continue to meet in good faith as we move into 2021, fully cognizant that it is our members who must ratify any voluntary agreement.

Members of the unions participating in the CBC will be kept apprised of further developments on your contract negotiations as developments warrant.

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