Stop The TPP

PUT FAST TRACK ON THE SLOW TRACK  WRITE CONGRESS TO VOTE ‘NO’ ON FAST TRACK TRADE AUTHORITY Despite the opposition of nearly half of Congress, Senator Max Baucus and Representative Dave Camp have introduced Fast Track trade authority legislation to ram the secret Trans- Pacific Partnership globalization agreement through Congress. Many Congressmen from the right and the left oppose this bill.  They need our help. Trade negotiators know this dangerous agreement cannot be pushed through the “Regular Order”, wherein Congress has a full opportunity to debate whether the treaty is in the national interest.  That’s why they need to compound the secret TPP negotiations with a fast, no-amendment push so Congress has only 20 hours to debate the bill. The Founding Fathers gave Congress the power over trade, but Fast Track eliminates the ability of your elected representatives in Congress to set and achieve a goal of balanced trade and to prevent surrendering our sovereignty. If this Fast Track bill passes, then there’s a good chance that this secretly negotiated TPP will pass as well, without Congressional ability to make changes.  Time is short.  We have to fight right now! Read the leaked text of the legislation establishing Fast Track authority for the TPP Majority of US Public opposed to Fast Track for the TPP ME11092 Fast Track Survey Memo 1 27 14