SMART Statement on Passage of Senate Infrastructure Package

August 11, 2021

Washington, D.C.  The Senate passed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package yesterday and, early this morning, the Senate approved its $3.5 trillion 2022 budget resolution for physical and human infrastructure investments.
In response, SMART issued the following statement:
“Together, the bipartisan infrastructure legislation and budget resolution represent a historic opportunity for millions of Americans by making the largest infrastructure investment in almost a century. This infrastructure package is a blue-collar blueprint that has the potential to create a generation of good-paying middle class union jobs and boost economic growth because it invests in long overdue projects, technological advancements and rewards work, not wealth. This historic investment has the potential to expand clean energy infrastructure, improve indoor air quality in our schools, housing and public buildings, expand public transportation and rail systems, and better protect our bus and transit members from assaults.
While we appreciate the vision, determination and collaboration of the Biden administration and lawmakers on the bipartisan legislation, we still have work to do to resolve outstanding issues and strengthen this legislation. As the package moves forward, SMART is committed to working with Congress and the Biden administration to ensure that robust funding for school construction, labor standards reflected in the PRO Act, and adequate rail safety provisions (such as those incorporated into the House’s INVEST Act) are included and applied to all aspects of the legislation to truly create millions of good union jobs and deliver on the build back better agenda.”