Scale of Addiction

Addiction is our nation’s largest and most devastating health crisis.

An estimated 22 million Americans age 12 and older suffer from addiction, about one in every 11 people.

  • In the United States, one in four children is exposed to addiction at home.
  • More than 50% of adults have a close family member with a problem.
  • More than 11% of full-time workers have an alcohol problem in a given year.
  • Among those suffering from addiction, 70% are employed; about half are employed full-time.
  • Addiction is an equal-opportunity disease. It affects people from every age, income and ethnic group.

Our top health problem, yet we have failed to treat it:

  • Only 10% of those with addiction receive any form of treatment in a given year.
  • Only one out of three will recover over a lifetime.
  • Less than 10% remain in recovery one year after their first treatment.
  • Among those few with the disease who do get help, they will receive treatment between 4 to 7 times over a lifetime.
  • Half of those who complete treatment will start using drugs or alcohol again within thirty days of leaving treatment.

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