Substance Abuse Information

Alcohol Self-Test
Quick and easy self-test to help you determine if the drinking patterns of someone you know are dangerous and/or harmful to their health. (

Drinking and Driving
What’s Driving You? is an interactive, thought-provoking experience for kids, parents, young adults, teachers and prevention professionals who are concerned about drinking and driving. (

Self-Help Groups

Adult Children of Alcoholics
Support group and resource information for adult children of alcoholics. (

Alcoholics Anonymous
Support group and general information about alcohol and alcoholism. (

Chemically Dependent Anonymous
Support groups based on the twelve-step model for chemically-dependent individuals. Lists contact and regional meeting information. (

Cocaine Addictions Anonymous
Resource information and support groups for individuals addicted to cocaine or other mind-altering substances. Provides contact and regional meeting information. (

Dual Recovery Anonymous
Self-help organization and support groups for individuals with substance abuse and psychiatric diagnoses. (

Marijuana Anonymous
Support group for individuals addicted to marijuana. Provides contact and regional meeting information. (

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