September 19, 2022

The Researcher will be responsible in meeting the goals of the Strategic Campaigns Department and Organizing Department as established by the SMART Strategic Plan and comply with all directives and assignments of the General President, Director of Strategic Campaigns, and Director of Organizing.

Looking for an individual with experience in union campaigns, community organizing, or political campaigns research.

Three to five years’ experience in strategic campaigns preferred, or a combination of skills and experience in economic analysis, industry research, financial analysis, corporate research could be considered. Someone with experience in union research and/or union strategic campaigns preferred.

Person should have a proven strong commitment to working in the labor movement and to its ideals and values and people of different cultures.

• Perform in-depth corporate, financial, and power structure analysis, and translate these into campaigning opportunities.
• Produce research-based materials to educate a variety of internal and external audiences such as SMART members, businesses, the general public, investors, policy makers, and the media.
• Aid all Local Unions and IA regions on matters related to the organizing goals of the SMART International.
• Work with and maintain communications with Department, Organizers and Local Unions.
• Assist in Campaigns from local level to IA level.
• Work and strategize with IA personnel and local unions.
• Identify new and emerging markets, products, and technologies where there are organizing or other growth opportunities.
• Attend and assist in classes developed by SMART Department of Education or other educational courses as directed.
• Other duties as assigned.
Desired Skills:
• Ability to work independently to implement department plans and objectives, as well as develop relationships and make independent judgments, when working with both local unions and outside constituency groups.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Ability to think strategically with an end goal in mind.
• Excellent writing and verbal communications skills. Writes factually and with rigorous accuracy.
• Ability to identify and collect a wide variety of primary sources including public records at local, state and federal levels.
• Familiarity with subscription databases such as Westlaw or Lexis Nexis for legal research.
• Ability to conduct local and field research on companies, industries and/or real estate development projects, including following the permit process.
• Adept at getting information through cold calling and interviewing subject matter experts both inside and outside the organization.
• Works efficiently and maintains deadlines.
• Professional attitude and organizational skills.
• Must be able to distinguish between audiences and the type of material that should be directed to each.
• Ability to interact and work effectively with union members and staff and communicate with industry partners, others unions and industry and press contacts – therefore the ability to positively represent the Union is paramount.
• Must have experience with presenting information in a public group setting and must be able to write and discuss findings in research reports.
• Ability to independently manage projects from start to finish and to follow through on research topics, leads and activities without constant oversight from supervisory staff.
• Must be willing to learn and adhere to SMART’s legal guidelines in all published materials and campaign activities.
• Proficient using MS Excel, Power Point, and other software.
Desired Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field such as business, social sciences, humanities, but will consider all applicants combination of education, training, skills and experience.
• Full-time salaried position: Starting salary range is $75,000- 85,000 and shall be established by the SMART. Position includes employer paid health and retirement benefits.
• Washington, DC
• Potential of remote work locations

SMART International is accepting resumes for the position of Researcher to be based in Washington, DC.

Resumes will be accepted from September 14th to October 4th, 2022.

Resumes received after October 4th, 2022, will not be considered for this position.

All resumes are to be emailed in PDF format to and saved with the following file name: first initial, last name of applicant, IO Resume. Example: Jwhite Res Resume

Subject line for email should be the same:  Example: Jwhite Res Resume

Questions should be emailed to SMART, Strategic Campaigns Director James White at

Resumes should not exceed 3 pages.

Resumes should contain background, accomplishments, skills, relevant experience, and education.

Resumes may be accompanied with no more than 3 letters of reference.