Save SMART Sheet Metal Apprenticeships

July 4, 2019

In late June, the Department of Labor issued proposed rules governing the introduction of new Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs). These privately-run apprenticeship programs will not be subject to the same standards and rules governing current programs.
Currently, the construction industry is excluded from IRAPs, but nothing makes that exclusion permanent.
That’s why it is now vitally important that the DOL hear from us.

Send a message to the DOL via

We have less than 60 days (until August 26) to submit public comments.   Non-union groups are already in the process of swamping the Department of Labor with comments opposed to the exclusion of construction from IRAPs. They look to flood future job sites with low-wage, low-skilled labor classified as “apprentices.”
Our new website — — allows you to quickly and easily send a comment to the DOL in support of maintaining exclusion of the construction industry from IRAPs. Please take a few minutes now to send your message.
Join us in calling on the DOL to maintain the construction industry exclusion from IRAPs and protect the value of our training.
As SMART members, we get state-of-the-art construction industry training, both in the classroom and on the job. We also know first-hand the connections between high-quality training, worksite safety, good wages, and projects getting done on-time.
The foundation of our training programs, our SMART sheet metal apprenticeship, is now in jeopardy.  
Take action NOW.