SMART has no higher priority than fighting for laws, regulations and work rules that ensure our members go home to their families in one piece.

We know that the railroad industry is one of the most dangerous, where accidents too often result in career-ending injuries or death.

Danger similarly lurks for bus, commuter, production and transit workers, and that is why our efforts include fighting for safer bus and passenger car construction, and increased training in the handling of unruly passengers with our staff constantly monitoring changes to OSHA and other occupational regulations.

In addition to our efforts before Congress, state legislatures and regulatory agencies, as well as the negotiating table, to advance workplace safety, we have several dedicated teams that study safety issues and make recommendations — the Switching Operations Fatalities Analysis (SOFA) working group, the SMART Transportation Division National Safety Team and the SMART Rail Safety Task Force.

The Switching Operations Fatalities Analysis (SOFA) working group is a coordinated effort with the Federal Railroad Administration, carriers and labor organizations to develop safe practices that reduce fatalities and career ending injuries in yard switching operations.

The 21-member SMART Transportation Division National Safety Team assists National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators in ascertaining facts relating to rail accidents.

The SMART Rail Safety Task Force works with general chairpersons, state legislative directors, local officers and members to develop safe practices and techniques to improve — and keep at its highest level — situational awareness in yard and road operations.