Representation Questions

Q. I have been notified that I am under investigation. What should I do?

Consult your local chairperson immediately. Read the publication You Are Hereby Notified.

Q: I have concerns about unsafe working conditions? To whom do I express my concerns?

You should first contact your local legislative representative and/or your local chairperson. A list of those individuals can be found by clicking here.

Q: I was injured on the job. What should I know?

The UTU has produced a booklet, “How to Protect your Rights when Injured on the Job,” that can answer most of your questions. You can view that booklet by clicking here.

Q: What are UTU Designated Legal Counsel? Why would I need their services?

Click here to be directed to a webpage that describes your rights under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act and why you should contact a UTU Designated Legal Counsel if you believe you have a FELA claim against your employer.

Click here to be directed to a directory of UTU Designated Legal Counsel.

Q: What are my rights with regard to employer retaliation? How will I be protected if I report allegations

of fraud, waste or abuse by my employer?

You are protected by federal law from employer retaliation when you make such reports. These “whistleblower” protections are described in this article.

Q: I have a grievance against my employer. What do I do?

You first should talk over your predicament with your local chairperson. Click here to be directed to an online directory of UTU locals and local officers.

Q: I am a local officer and need help to support a grievance. How can the UTU International help me?

Click here to be directed to the awards and agreements page of the UTU website. There you will be able to search a vast database of grievances and awards that you can use to help build your case.

You may also click here to be directed to the National Mediation Board’s “Knowledge Store” which is a searchable database of awards and agreements.

Q: I would like to search railroad agreements by text. Is that possible?

Yes. Click here.

Q: Can I view information on pay rates, fringe benefits, the Railway Labor Act and yardmaster

agreements on this site?

Yes. Click here.

Q: I have questions about drug and alcohol testing. Where can I learn more?

Click here to be directed to information about federal drug and alcohol testing rules and procedures, post-accident testing, and more.