PLAs Work

Family-supporting Project Labor Agreements, otherwise known as Community Workforce Agreement or PLAs, are a tried and true way of building the nation’s infrastructure from local high schools and neighborhood libraries to America’s largest dams and public stadiums. These agreements benefit working men and women, contractors, communities and taxpayers by ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget, requiring employee training, while ensuring that public investment benefits local communities. With PLAs, contractors, sub-contractors, communities and workers agree to working conditions, ensuring coordination for smooth project completion. Training requirements, coupled with fair compensation, save taxpayers money by ensuring on-time and on-budget completion of projects. PLAs helped build the Hoover Dam, Disney World, Yankees Stadium, and the Freedom Tower. PLAs discourage unscrupulous contractors from betraying the public trust through inflated profits, low-ball bids, cutting corners or abusive employment practices such as the exploitation of undocumented workers. They set a wage floor based on what prevails in a community, ensuring that an influx of taxpayer construction investment doesn’t drive down – or inflate – local wage standards. And workers receive benefits such as healthcare and pensions, preventing a burden on local services. Local workers are provided with opportunity as well.  They have access to free union training programs which help open the doors for advancement. Wages and benefits quickly circulate in local economies thanks to these agreements.  In fact, these agreements are so effective that major corporations such as Wal-Mart, Boeing and Toyota have utilized them to build their facilities across the United States.