Organizing Department

Expanding our market share of work and organizing new members are two of our top priorities. Our strength in negotiations and our ability to enhance the wages and benefits for all members are directly affected by membership and market share levels. Our market share is currently one of the highest in the labor movement for all our industries with representation at all Class A carriers and double the average for all the construction trades. When it comes to union bargaining power, our strength in numbers is the most important factor in advancing the work of this union. The International Association promotes organizing through a number of ways, including:

  • Assisting Local Unions in reaching out to nonunion workers and employers.
  • Providing financial assistance to Local Unions that expend resources in recruiting new members and employers.
  • Assisting Local Unions in the sheet metal industry through the innovative Youth to Youth program which allows apprentices to learn more about organizing in the growth of the union through campaigns and other activities directed at non-union employers.
  • Working with other trades in targeting whole industries for unionization.
  • Using the strength that comes through the experience of organizing and bargaining in one of our occupational areas to assist organizing efforts in another, such as sheet metal organizers and activists assisting transportation locals and vice versa.