Opt for An Online Only Subscription to The Members’ Journal

July 21, 2015

summer 2015 journal cover At the First SMART General Convention in 2014, leaders pledged more efficient operations as well as to be more transparent, accountable and responsive to members. A communications survey is helping to fulfill those promises.Early in 2015, SMART polled members on outreach today and in the future, asking what they wanted and how they wanted to get it.
The findings showed that SMART members are regular users of online media. Many already prefer keeping up via digital channels rather than by postal mail or word-of-mouth.
SMART has a robust website and Facebook pages for sheet metal and transportation members alike. Especially for a Union working to build strength and keep members involved and informed, digital communications provide speed and variety while using fewer resources.
That’s why the General Executive Council reviewed these survey findings and approved the next move into our digital world: giving members the option of online-only delivery of our periodicals, starting with The Members’ Journal.
By visiting and filling out the information in this link: you’ll receive an e-mail every time we post the new issue of the Journal, weeks before copies are mailed.
Check out our great reader app—it’s as easy to use as a… magazine.
Your union respects your privacy. But we also want you to know what is going on—and to take part—so use the reply card to permit text messaging from SMART—texts only for important union business.
From political rallies to local job actions, texting can bring out the numbers we need to make sure our collective voice is clearly heard.
Sign up for your online copy of The Members’ Journal today.