Your Chance To Star At the SMART Convention

Published: June 27, 2014

WEARESMART3Provide video clips (High-Def preferably) of yourself saying as a GROUP the following tag lines:

1. We’re Looking Forward! (group of roughly 3-6 people)
2. We’re Moving Ahead! (group of roughly 4-8 people)
3. We Are SMART! (group of roughly 5-10+ people)

Record each separately, with different people saying each tag line if possible. LOTS of enthusiasm is important, and all people should keep eye contact with the camera. It is also important to record outdoors or in brightly lit indoors. Be sure there is no music or noises in the background.

WATCH THE SAMPLES here and recreate with your fellow members!
All clips must be submitted by 4PM (ET), Wed. July 2.

Upload your best clips to the SMART FaceBook Page so we can access and download.  You can also email them to

Please keep your original video files.