Two-person crew amendment will not move forward

Published: October 28, 2015

two-person_crewIn a letter to state directors, National Legislative Director John Risch and Alternate National Legislative Director Greg Hynes report the following:

“Unfortunately, a two-person crew amendment WILL NOT be offered to H.R. 3763, the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform (STRR) Act of 2015.

“Due to the expected rules governing consideration of the legislation and agreements among the leadership of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on which amendments will be allowed, there is no path for the amendment to pass or receive strong support. A significant loss on the floor would set back our efforts.

“Please pass this information down the chain to your LRs and other members you are able to reach.

“While this is not the result we hoped for, we ask that you all continue to push forward and generate support for the stand-alone, two-person crew legislation, H.R. 1763, the Safe Freight Act. The more cosponsors we have on H.R. 1763, the better position we will be in to pass it as a stand-alone bill or attach it to a larger bill next time the House considers rail safety legislation.

“As always, thank you for all of your hard work and willingness to assist in our efforts.”