Take 2 minutes to support 2-person train crew bills in Ohio House and Senate

Two-person crew mandates for all freight trains in Ohio – Senate Bill 74, introduced by State Senator Kenny Yuko (D) and State Senator Michael Skindell (D), and House Bill 107, sponsored by House Representative Michael Sheehy (D) and House Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan, have been recently introduced to the Ohio state legislature.

Click on the links below to get your message to Ohio reps to support 2-person crews:
SB 74 and HB 107.

To view Ohio SB 74 in its entirety, click here.
To view Ohio HB 107 in its entirety, click here.

Take another minute to ask your federal representatives to support HR 233, The Safe Freight Act, which would mandate a minimum of two-person crews on all freight trains operating anywhere in the U.S. 

Click here in support of HR 233.

Click here for more information on HR 233, The Safe Freight Act.