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“Women of Steel” exhibit showcases women trailblazers of the railroad

The Union Pacific Museum recently opened the “Women of Steel” exhibit that honors and highlights the history and achievements of the unsung women trailblazers in one of the few industries still dominated by men – the rail industry. The exhibit will run at the UP Museum, Council Bluffs, Iowa, until October 28, 2017, then goes on the road as the first traveling exhibit of its kind. Click here to read the article.

In the March 2017 issue of the Transportation Division News, SMART TD highlighted the accomplishments and history of women in rail, bus and aviation in honor of Women’s History Month. Click here to view “A look back at the women who paved the way for women in rail” (page 9), “Women Trailblazers of the Bus Industry” (page 10) and the “History of women in aviation” (pages 4 & 9).

Photo: Edwina Justus in 1976, UP’s first black female locomotive engineer. Photo courtesy of Union Pacific Railroad Museum.  

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Women in railroad history: 1943

During WWII, tens of thousands of women stepped up to learn and work in industries traditionally occupied by men, including the rail industry. These women had to quickly learn on the job, motivated by the need to support their families while their husbands were serving overseas. Their work kept our railroads viable and running smoothly. View historic images of railroad women in 1943.