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Colo. Senate kills Right-to-Work (FOR LESS) bill

DENVER, Colo. – On Wednesday, March 16, the Colorado State Senate shot down SB 55 that called for Colorado to become a Right-to-Work (for less) state. The packed chambers included union members from all crafts. Click here to read the entire article from the Denver Business Journal. 

Click here to send a quick message to your Congressional reps in opposition of the National Right-to-Work Act, HR 785.




Right to Work is WRONG – meetings in Toledo and Cincy, Ohio

Right to Work (RTW) legislative measures, designed to weaken unions, are supported by Trump and his administration, so it is imperative that we make our opposition known and heard.
SMART Transportation Division will be hosting a free event for all union members of all crafts, and for the public, to discuss how RTW was designed to weaken unions, decrease pay and decrease benefits.

Toledo, Ohio Meeting:
Date & time:
Saturday, March 18 at 10:30 a.m.
Sheet Metal Workers Local 33; 27430 Crossroads Pkwy. Rossford, OH 43460
Refreshments will be served
Click here to download Toledo Meeting Flyer to pass out to members, friends and family.

Cincinnati, Ohio Meeting:
Date & time: Saturday, April 8 at 11:00 a.m.
Location: Sheet Metal Workers Local 24; 1579 Summit Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237
Coffee & donuts will be served
Click here to download Cincinnati meeting flyer to pass out to members, friends and family.

Take two minutes and TAKE ACTION against Right-to-Work measures:

Click here to send a message to Ohio legislators against HB 113

Click here to send a message to U.S. Congress against HR 785

Ohio Republican brings Right To Work to House floor

Source:, 2/13/17

COLUMBUS, Ohio – On February 13, 2017, Rep. John Becker (R) introduced H.B. 53, a Right-to-Work measure designed to weaken collective bargaining rights for public and private employees.

H.B. 53 would allow public sector employees to opt out of joining a union or paying union dues, and would eliminate state mandated “fair share” or agency fees used for collective bargaining purposes.

Current state law allows collective bargaining agreements to require collection of “fair share” fees from non-union employees.

The measure would also enable unions to opt out of representing employees who choose not to join.

Read more here.

Left: Dr. King’s quote on  ‘right to work’ lie.

Why Right-to-Work is wrong for union and non-union

Tire builder Jesse Isbell outlines in his recent blog post how the Right-to-Work bill is nothing more than a pack of lies intended to break unions and make the rich richer.

Isbell and thousands of his co-workers lost their jobs when the Oklahoma City Bridgestone Tire plant that was the core of an entire community, closed – a casualty of the passage of Right to Work legislation in his home state of Oklahoma.

Read how the so-called Right-to-Work measure devastates working families across our country and has a detrimental economic impact on everyone – union or not, from, here.